Repairs & Upgrades

Call IT Solutions provides repairs and upgrades services to just about any computer, laptop or Server.

Repairs & Upgrades

At Call IT Solutions, we will provide re-active support when you need it or round the clock monitoring of your network using industry standard technologies which allows us to get real-time alerts of system malfunctions, failed backups, security breaches or intrusion attempts, virus outbreaks, disk usage and many more, enabling us to react before a problem becomes critical.

This proactive service prevents potential disruption to your business operation.

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We can replace,upgrade or repair things like:



Hard Drive

Network Card

Graphic Card

Sound Card

Optical Drives

Tape Drives

Printer/fax installations

Storage devices

Storage devices

Laptop LCD Screens

Virus and spyware removal

Power supplies, fans replacement


Modems, routers, switches.

Data Recovery

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